Herdade da Matinha

Vincentian Route

Herdade da Matinha is part of Rota Vicentina, a network of walking routes in the Southwest of Portugal that totals 450 km and passes through some of the most beautiful places in the region.

If you want to discover another side of Portugal, with a cultural, social and environmental heritage untouched by time and by the hand of man, this is your home.

Nature and the will to welcome

In 1994 they were packing for Australia, when they "stumbled" in Matinha. They fell in love with this lost valley in the opulent green of Serra do Cercal. The scent of the sea, the shade of the trees and the tracks carefully carved like lines in the palm of your hand.

While the kids became men, they fed with the same spoon and the same seasoning the idea of ​​making this their home, built with the seeds they sow in the ground. The mother, already dedicated to tourism and her father, a painter and chef by vocation, welcomed the first guests with candlelights, because in the absence of electricity they had love and will to spare.

More than 20 years later, the Estate has grown and extends over 110 hectares of cork oak and pinewood. The old Houses of the Lavrador, the Vacaria and the Barn were restored to create the main house and the 22 rooms of singular decoration, where silence is a rare luxury that must be listened to. With time.

A Living and Transformational place

Drop schedules, appointments, routines and deadlines. Stay with the desire to set the clock by footsteps and not know where they take you. "What Day is Today? What time is it?"

Herdade da Matinha is a space of transformation. A rural tourism where immersion is sought with nature and leisure. Time for you, space for whatever you feel like.

We believe in a creative and experiential tourism that promotes the contact with the cultural, social and environmental heritage of Costa Alentejana and fosters learning, co-creation and self-knowledge of those who visit us.

We can offer you silence made of gold, a Yoga retreat for inner contemplation, a horseback ride to the sunset or a bustling house with music, cooking, poetry, painting and wine. The time is yours. So is the choice.
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