Peace within Retreat

A time that you take to allow yourself to regenerate by slowing down, nourishing with good food and coming closer to nature.

Welcoming the beginning of Spring, that gives us a full bath of vibrant colors and new fragrances.

During these 3 days you will have time to enjoy silence, detoxing your mind from the digital world, relaxing your body, mind & spirit with Ayurvedic & herbal healing practices, that include:

self care, rituals, meditation, movement, deep nourishment, rest and reconnection.

What you will get...

We aim to bring more harmony to your being, restoring your central nervous system at a physical, mental, and spiritual level, bringing the sense of belonging as one with nature and existence.

Which means in just a few days you can feel more rested, restored, nurtured and in peace – on a deeper level.

You’ll leave feeling more grounded and connected back to who you are, relaxed, calm, focused and balanced.

+ Feeling


Everyone is warmly welcome.

Whether you’re feeling a little burnt out, disconnected, depleted, lifeless, joyless, anxious, unsupported or feel like falling in a heap. Or you’re doing ‘ok’ but need a little more energy, re-focus and re-alignment.

Being able to get away to reconnect and restore could be what your body, mind and soul has been asking for, in order to reset, flourish and thrive once again.


· Daily meditations & flowing movement
· Forest bathing and connecting with nature
· Restorative morning & calming night-time rituals
-Ayurveda & Herbal Practices
· Delicious & nourishing meals
· Restful & beautiful accommodation with wonderful surroundings
· Time to be in silence and rest
. Digital detox
. Integration ebook


08:00 Morning Meditation
9:00 Breakfast
10:30 Morning Session
13:00 Lunch - Free Time
15:30 Nature Meditation/Walk
16.20 Afternoon Session
19.30 Dinner
20:30 Evening Ritual
21:30 Bed Time

Note: a minimum number of participants is required.

. . .



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