Living and cooking on the Alentejo Coast

Alentejo on a plate.
In our kitchen we mix the old and the new, in a balance that sharpens the memory and the palate with everything that the earth has to give.

The porch heated by the morning sun to the sound of birds chirping. A cozy room that invites you to forget the hours. Ears and mouths, friends and family.

Our Meals

Ercília’s bread comes in embroidered cloth bags. It smells like baked wheat and tastes like the fields that sway in the wind late in the afternoon. Breakfast is dressed in Alentejo, from head to toe. At the table there is plenty of home-made jams, the smell of toasted bread, the cakes, juices and fruit we harvest in the orchard, cheeses and sausages of the region, the teas freshly picked from the garden.
Lunch and dinner
The pan lid flickers. The fine delicate rice in a secret broth made with love and tradition in equal doses. The flavors of the region are the main characters at Matinha's table.
Culinary Tertúlias and Workshops
Our kitchen is also open for workshops. Show us what you know and we follow your lead to create unique dishes and flavors. For all tastes and occasions: light meals, vegetarian options or true compendiums of tradition at the table.
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