Herdade da Matinha

When life was simple and our little room a World, a trip to the home of distant relatives seemed infinite and exciting in all its curves. "Are we there yet?" The promise of a remote paradise, where we knew by heart all the smells, sounds and tastes. And when we got there we fell into arms that loved by default, in excess of everything. All the things that the heart kept had to flow out and echo in every corner. The warm bed, the fire fluttering, the nose in the air and all the time in the world. Slow as the hours and days that only end in the longing return.

Herdade da Matinha is like that, simple as life once was. Simple as life should be. In the heart of Costa Alentejana, in Aldeia do Cercal, you will find a house that has arms and is always waiting for you.
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Paradise !"

Host, environment, home, rooms, food, countryside, beach, surfing, trekking, biking, all in Matinha is very good!
- Luís M - Lisboa, Portugal

"Complete Relax"

Very good for relaxing, beautiful countryside views, great decor. For those who enjoy horse riding is very good and Joanna an excellent riding monitor. Very comfortable and romantic rooms. Just have to say that the meal prices are high, even with the good food!
- Ana S - Peniche, Portugal

"Enjoy this Paradise"

If you want a space of good taste, great food and peace come to the new Matinha. I was here 3 years ago and found that these gentlemen are way ahead regard to create comfort for its guests. it is amazing. We want to come back often and advise everyone to go through this house. Very good!
- pcortereal, Cascais, Portugal

"Oh wow"

Never seen something like this: remote, quiet, relaxed, it almos seems time stood still in a mix of Western and a little bit of the hippy times... Breakfast was very fresh, a very Large wine chart (great), Nice pool and the best part: a tv with no channels "bad news stays at home"... You can have dinner here, no menu, you eat what´s prepared in the kithchen, wich was great. Great place to unwind. Rooms aren´t very big, but we didn´t matter, we had a great stay!
- DennisV, Netherlands
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Charme, Simplicidade, Paz e Natureza na Herdade da Matinha

Localizada na Costa Alentejana, na aldeia do Cercal do Alentejo, a Herdade da Matinha apela ao descanso. A arquitetura e a decoração, o silêncio e a natureza envolvente caracterizam este hotel de charme onde as Casas do Lavrador, a Vacaria e o Celeiro deram lugar aos 20 quartos e restaurante. (...)
Fonte: lookmag.pt

Lugares destinados a encontrar

Descemos até ao Cercal do Alentejo para sermos recebidos com todo um pack especial do dia dos namorados - com Yoga e tudo. Uma herdade perfeita para descansar e namorar! (...)
Fonte: ummalmequer.com

Escorregar para sul: 7 lugares para fugir aos turistas da cidade

Existem muitos, cada vez mais, lugares para fugir da cidade e dos seus turistas. Mas alguns lugares são melhores do que outros, porque são especiais – este é o top da Vogue para quem gosta mesmo de sol e de estar ao pé do mar. (...)
Fonte: vogue.pt

Herdade da Matinha

Há 9 anos estávamos em Bali na nossa lua de mel (maravilhosa), este fim de semana fomos comemorar para a Herdade da Matinha e foi igualmente espectacular!!! (...)
Fonte: cacomae.pt
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